Journey through the Bible

Whenever I decide to start reading through the Bible I find that the difficult part is taking the first step. Actually deciding to make the commitment of time and energy to this seeming monumental task can be overwhelming. The reason for this is I am entering the presence of the Creator. The story I am about to encounter is one of great mystery and one of great love mingled together.

I have read the Bible several times. I have not memorized it because I read in many versions at different times. But the narrative of the stories flows through my being like a bubbling brook. I am sitting in a quiet glade. It is cool and refreshing and the sunlight is filtered through the soft green and is broken into shafts of light and shadow all around me. The stream flows over rocks and sound is all about me. I have come to this place of meditation because I want to be alone with the person who wrote this love letter.
You will find your place. It will be your study; a rocking chair; the back yard; a bench in the park; a seat on the bus or train; and it will be the place where Holy Spirit tells you over and over again that he loves you. It will be Holy Spirit who is speaking to you because he is the one who tells us about Father and Son. He is the one who is the love between Father and Son and who gently brings us into their presence.

You will find the time from your busy life to read a little from this love letter. Your motive at the start will be different than at the end. I guarantee that you will be changed each day. You will be approaching someone you have not experienced before. You will be approaching love.
My plan to go through the Bible in one year will be based on The Daily Walk Bible. This plan is six suggested reading with the seventh day recapping what has been read and looking forward to the readings ahead. I will not use the commentaries and interesting notes that are included in this reading approach; although they are very useful. The version I will be using is the New International Version (NIV). It will not matter what version you use. Find what is comfortable to you. I will state at the beginning of each day what the reading for that day is expected to be. If you follow this plan you will read the Bible through completely in one year.


Each series of commentary regarding the Bible must come from a particular point of view. There are so many viewpoints that it would be impossible to list all of them. Some of them would be Evangelical, Fundamental, Liberal or Conservative, Literal, and Narrative.

My way of interpretation is based on the belief that Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God. The final determination of the meaning of scripture will be based on what I think Jesus would think. If you like, let me know what you think Jesus thought.